Buying A New Or Used Car Has Never Been Easier With These Tips, Tricks For Saving Money

Buying a new car – be it a used vehicle that’s new to you or something that’s fresh off the assembly line – can be a long and exhausting experience. While you will have a new set of wheels at the end of the day, the purchase itself is undoubtedly going to set you back financially. With help from a PA credit union, it has never been easier to find and finance a new car or truck. However, there are plenty of other considerations to factor in before signing on the dotted line. Below, we offer you some of the best tips and trade secrets for those looking for a new automobile.

f.jpg1) What’s your budget look like? There are needs and then there are wants. While you may want the most recent release of a specific sports car, you need four wheels and a reliable engine that’s going to get you to work. In the middle is where most people land and that’s fine, so long as you calculate what you can afford to put down at the dealership and pay monthly if that’s the plan you go for. Some credit unions even offer to connect you with dealerships participating in their financing options that are offered to consumers.

2) Homework pays off: According to Kelley Blue Book, side-by-side comparisons of vehicles you’re considering for a purchase will help point out the differences between the makes and models. That’s important when you’re researching multiple vehicles that each boast something some new bell or whistle that’s bound to dazzle – but will only make things harder for the consumer.

3) New or used: It’s the age-old question for spendthrifts everywhere: Do I want a blemish-free brand new product for full price or something gently used that I can afford now and care for on my own. There are perks to each route, but picking one over the other doesn’t have to come down to money alone. If the seller can provide a detailed history of services and repairs, sometimes going for an older vehicle that’s been taken care of is a fine choice for any consumer.


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